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MP&DA Rejects Call to Remove Licensing of Painters

Master Painters & Decorators Australia (MP&DA) have rejected calls by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) to remove licensing requirements for painters.

CEDA recommended the move in a submission to the Federal Government’s Employment White Paper as part of a range of measures to address skills shortages and improve productivity.

MP&DA President, Mick Houghton, said the call was shortsighted and lacking in nuance.

“Licensing requirements provide an essential safeguard for both consumers and industry. If these were removed it would be a race to the bottom in terms of quality of work and safety.

The removal of existing protections shows a lack of insight into the core issues. The MP&DA are continually working with training providers and the broader industry to find innovative ways to attract apprentices and boost skills,” he said.

MP&DA Executive Officer, Mark Gale, said rather than stepping backwards even more should be done to protect the consumer from the risks posed by unregistered painters.

“We continually call on government to do more to police the issues. Apart from the high consumer costs associated with poor quality work delivered by unregistered painters, health risks such as from lead and asbestos need to be managed by regulated professionals.

I would urge every registered painter who is not already an MP&DA member to join up. A strong and active member base is essential to ensure the painting and decorating industry’s voice is heard loud and clear on these issues,” he said.

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