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What our members had to say about MP&DA

The real reason behind my decision to re-join the MP&DA was to stay in touch with whats happening in the industry and to support the Association in its efforts to assist the trade.  I dont know who would stand up for us if they werent around.

Robert Arangio R & B Arangio Painting Service [Geraldton]

I believe training the painters of tomorrow is a very important role for people in the trade today and its a massive part of what I do.

Its an investment in the individual as well as a proactive way of contributing back to the industry.

Were very fortunate to have an engaged, supportive MP&DA in Western Australia.  Its widely acknowledged that the services here are vastly better than in any other state.

Ive been involved in some of the policy discussions around the future of the trade and Im pleased to be able to contribute, particularly at the local level in the Great Southern region.


Id like to see painting included in the school trade curriculum and for the trade to benefit from the Construction Training Fund. 

If we are to raise awareness of the trade as a vital component in the construction industry, and an employer for the future, we need to be seen and included.

Alanna Smith Roadrunner Painting & Decorating Service [Albany]

Valentines Painting Service has been a member for MP&DA for 30 years.

Bring a Master Painter has won my business work, allowed me to part of a network and provided me with assistance when I have had technical difficulties and contractual problems.

Most recently MP&DA supported my business with an issue that nobody else wanted to tackle white set plaster.

If youre wondering about the value of being a member, just remember that MP&DA is the voice for painters and decorators in the industry, whether its lobbying with State Government on issues that matter or supporting us individually with advice when we need it.

Stephen Valentine Valentines Painting Service [Albany]

Over the years, Ive learned the importance of being well-connected and respected in the community and thats particularly so in the regions. 

Word-of-mouth recommendations are gold and you have to make sure you do the right thing by your clients, and your fellow tradies.

Bob Savage Bob the Painter [Albany]