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The board & governance

The Executive committee of Master Painters & Decorators Australia is elected annually by financial members of the Association. The election is carried out by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and all financial metropolitan and regional members are eligible to stand. The MP&DA constitution of the Association is the ruling code for the management and operation of the Association. It is the duty of the Executive committee to ensure the rules of the Association are upheld. They are empowered to do this under the constitution. All members of the Executive committee are volunteers and dedicate their time for the betterment of the painting industry.


Gary Cox

Castle Painting & Decorating - President

Gary Cox started his painting & decorating career in NSW over 25 years ago and has watched not only tools and products change, but also the industry itself become a safer place to work. Fast forward to now and Gary is stepping into the role of President of Master Painters & Decorators Australia (MP&DA) after seven years on the Executive Committee. 

Gary initially joined MP&DA in 2007 to align his business with an industry leading group, network with industry leaders and learn as much as he possibly could.  He was looking for help to get started when he first came to WA and called the Association ‘every other week’.  The invaluable assistance he received at that time has played an important role in helping to create the successful business he owns today.

Gary is passionate about painting and decorating and appreciates the importance of providing customers with a great experience, not just a service.  He is also keen to encourage young people to join the industry, honing their skills in an apprenticeship to secure the future of painting and decorating in WA.

As the new President of MP&DA, Gary would like to raise awareness of the value of painting and decorating services to customers, the community and the economy.  

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Ian Glen

Mandurah Painters & Decorators - Immediate Past President

After three years as President of MP&DA, Ian is taking a well-earned break and stepping down to the role of immediate past president. 

Although his 30+ years’ experience in the industry (18 in London and 12 in WA) has seen few changes to the basics of the trade, there have been many changes in the compliance, OHS, ATO and contracts space. Running a large painting company makes it imperative to keep abreast of this everchanging environment.

One issue of concern for Ian is the potential threat to apprenticeship content.

Wallpapering is one of Mandurah Painting & Decorating's specialties, so it is no surprise that Ian is keen to see special finishes, artistic finishes and wallpapering become more visual in the trade. Ian remains opposed to any moves to remove decorative finishes from the core subjects of our apprenticeships and he is keen to ensure this does not occur in WA.

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Matt Redman

Matrics Painting

Matt joined the MP&DA looking for support after suffering tough times through a work, health and safety incident.  Eight years on and he now holds a valued place on the Executive Committee.

Matt is a firm believer that if you’re not happy with a situation, it’s down to you to do something about it and he often challenges painters on this very notion.

Rather than complain, Matt encourages members to work together to fix issues and find solutions.

Matt would like to see greater camaraderie between Master painters and increased efforts to weed out others who are acting unprofessionally.

Matt hopes that those in the trade will appreciate the work of the Executive Committee and demonstrate their support by joining MP&DA and lifting trade standards overall.

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Matt Webb

Premier Decorating

Matt has worked in the painting and decorating industry for 26 years and believes the standard of workmanship across the board has generally improved. He also acknowledges a significant increase in employer reporting requirements, accountability and responsibility.

Over time paint has changed from lead and oil-based products to water-based alternatives which has delivered a safer working environment and is a welcome move towards a more environmentally conscious industry.

When Matt became a member of the MPA, it was to show his customers how committed he was to delivering quality and professional painting projects.

Matt believes it has now become apparent that the industry needs to work harder to protect and promote its high standard of workmanship. He wants to ensure the government continues to regulate against the activities of unregistered operators across the State, to protect our livelihoods.

Matt joined the Executive Committee after encountering issues with paint adhesion on white set plaster. The MP&DA provided advice and support and this led to his involvement in many discussions on this and other major issues facing painters across WA.

Matt stays well-informed of current trends and industry news and welcomes the State Government’s review and subsequent changes to contractor payment terms.

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Anthony Murray

Anthony Murray Painting

Anthony joined the MP&DA Executive Committee in 2019 filling a casual vacancy. With over 35 years in the industry he brings a fresh but experienced voice to the table.

Anthony is a great advocate for quality skills and great customer service but says some things have changed over the years with more emphasis now on acrylic finishes and safety in the workplace.

Anthony joined MP&DA because he is passionate about the industry and is steeped in the trade having come from a family of painters and decorators who all did their City & Guilds in the UK.

Anthony is hoping to play a role in helping to clean up the industry and protect it from ‘brush hands’, who are simply labourers claiming they are qualified painters and decorators.

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South Metropolitan TAFE - Vice President

Neville has been a valued member of the Executive Committee for several years and has now moved into the role of Vice President in 2019.  

Starting out in the painting industry 34 years ago through an apprenticeship with WAGR/Westrail, Neville has watched products and trends come and go. In his current role as Lecturer/Coordinator Painting & Decorating Studies at South Metropolitan TAFE, he is pleased to see products being developed with greater emphasis on safety and the environment.

Neville was prompted to join the Executive Committee in 2006 when he noticed changes being made to the training environment without sufficient consultation.  By joining the Committee Neville was able to ensure that industry was aware of any proposed changes and with the strength and support of the MP&DA, he was able to lobby on behalf of the membership.

Training continues to be Neville's passion as he represents MP&DA on the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the review of the Certificate III in Painting & Decorating (apprenticeship).

Neville is working hard to ensure that high standards are maintained in training, and that private RTO's and other forms of training that impact negatively on our apprentices and the industry in general, are actively opposed.

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Alan Walters

Higgins Coatings Pty. Ltd.

Alan's role as immediate past president has seen him involved in all levels of advocacy for the painting and decorating industry and he continues in 2019 to serve the industry as a valued member of the Executive Committee.

During Alan’s tenure on the Committee, the MP&DA membership has benefited from his vast knowledge and experience, good counsel and great support for the industry.

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Graham Williams

Pretl and Williams

Pretl & Williams has been a major player in the WA industry for many years.  Bill Pretl joined the MPA in the early 60's when the painting industry was a very different landscape, and Graham took over in the early 1990's.

There were significant differences in the make-up of the industry in those early years including more large painting companies employing many painters, and the government participating financially in the industry by employing and training painters. Many a young West Australian painter got their start in the industry this way.

Graham is passionate about the painting and decorating industry and has undertaken many roles within the MP&DA, participating on sub committees and taking office as Vice President, then President.

Graham now sits on the MPA Skills board ensuring the future of our industry remains positive through apprenticeship training and employment.

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Jack Mast

Life Member

Jack is a Life member of the Association, who has long served the members in a variety of roles.  He has also been President of the Association and currently sits on the Board of MPA Skills.

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Cosmo Paparella

Dockers Painting

Amanda Dawes

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda has worked in the painting & decorating industry for 10 years.  She began her employment with the MP&DA as the Business Development Manager and has watched the highs and lows of the industry determine the direction of the Association.

Always looking to find relevance and value for members has often been a challenge as much has changed for the industry at the regulatory level.  Being merged into the Building Act in 2011 brought unnecessary issues to the industry including a lack of policing and inappropriate complaints processes.

Moving into the CEO role in late 2017, Amanda believes there is now a much greater focus by the Association on protecting the future of the industry.

In 2019 the Association will be looking to garner more support from industry to help resolve the policing issues which in turn will lift the quality and value of the painter and decorator.

Amanda will be working towards ensuring the regulatory body is working for our industry and that we get the policing right.

Another important task for this year is to educate consumers on the importance of contracting the services of qualified Master Painters.  Those who are not prepared to engage a qualified Master Painter with the experience and knowledge to deliver finishes that last, or who choose to do it themselves as a cost saving measure, run the risk of further costs for fixing problems when they arise, and doing a full repaint sooner.

Amanda is sure that with the support of industry, the Executive Committee and the members, the Association can bring about change.

In 2019, Amanda is encouraging qualified painters and decorators in WA to become members of the MP&DA and become part of that change.

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