Historical Restoration

The category Historical Restoration is open to painting restoration work to any type of building, including commercial and residential. This category is open value

Entrants must demonstrate a consistent high quality of work throughout the project.

Judges will note:

  • Preparation
  • Where lead and asbestos checks carried out prior to commencement?
  • Were authentic materials used?
  • What type of application methods were used and why?
  • Have traditional palettes and finishes been used?
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Cleanliness
  • Accessing hard to get to areas
  • Have warranties been given?
  • Has a maintenance manual been offered?

Consideration will be given to:

  • Time constraints
  • Clients requirements
  • Overall aesthetic of the project

Scores based upon the following:

  • Surface Preparation to be applicable to requirements
  • Professional skill and application
  • Degree of difficulty

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