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Coatings is the application of industrial/protective coatings or textured coatings.

Sub-categories are:

Industrial/Protective Coatings – Open Value. Examples of entries: bridges, water plants, infrastructure, any object, building or machinery.
Textured Coatings roll on/trowel on/spray application - Open value. Any surface that is rolled, troweled or sprayed.

Entrants must demonstrate a consistent high quality of work throughout the project.

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Judges will note:


Was the paint DFT (Dry film tested) or WFT (Wet film tested) tested (Industrial/Protective Coatings only)

What paint systems have been used and why?

Reasons behind using the type of system

Degree of difficulty

Time constraints

Quality of grinding

Quality of stripping

Quality of cleaning

Consideration will be given to:

Clients specifications


Accessing hard to get to areas

Have warranties been given?

Has a maintenance manual been offered?

Weather factors

Scores based upon the following:

Surface Preparation



Degree of difficulty

Evenness and consistency (Textured Coatings only)