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Coatings is the application of industrial/protective coatings or textured coatings.

Sub-categories are:

Industrial/Protective Coatings – New & Repaints. Examples of entries: bridges, water plants, infrastructure, any object, building or machinery.
Textured Coatings –  Any surface that is troweled, sprayed, brushed or rolled.

Entrants must demonstrate a consistent high quality of work throughout the project.

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Judges will note:


Was the paint DFT (Dry film tested) or WFT (Wet film tested) tested (Industrial/Protective Coatings only)

What paint systems have been used and why?

Reasons behind using the type of system

Degree of difficulty

Time constraints

Consideration will be given to:

Clients specifications


Accessing hard to get to areas

Have warranties been given?

Has a maintenance manual been offered?

Weather factors

Scores based upon the following:

Surface Preparation



Degree of difficulty

Evenness and consistency (Textured Coatings only)