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Why do I need to provide photos with my entry?

Master Painters and Decorators Australia require a minimum of four, before and after photos (min of 1MB - High resolution JPEG). The photos will be used to assess the scope of work undertaken when judging. Finalists photos will be used in the production of the Awards Gala Dinner, and winners images will feature on the MP&DA website throughout the coming year and other publications as opportunities arise.

My client won't allow a judge to come out, can you judge from photos alone?

Our judges certainly can judge on photos alone but it is not optimal and we would prefer not to as it isn't as detailed as an on-site inspection. If your client is uncertain about having our judges attend the property, please re-assure them that they are not intrusive and will respect any requests made. MP&DA are happy to contact the client if deemed necessary.

How long do the judges spend on-site?

Our judges are normally on-site for 30 minutes. For industrial and commercial projects, it may be longer depending on the scale of the project.

Do I have to attend the judging?

We require someone who is knowledgeable of the work undertaken to be on site at time of judging, it would be preferable if the painter/supervisor is in attendance. For large commercial scale projects we required a supervisor present to outline the scope of work undertaken and answer any questions the judges may have.

If I can't attend the awards night, is there any point in me entering?

Of course! There are plenty of other ways winners get recognised other than the actual awards night. Although, we can't tell you the winners before the night, it's also a good idea to ask a friend or supplier to accept any awards on your behalf if you aren't attending yourself.
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I don't know what category to enter my project in, what should I do?

Please call Master Painters & Decorators Australia on (08) 9471 6614, we can then contact our judges for their thoughts or you can leave it up to our judges to determine which category the project falls into.

I have a job I want to enter, but it won't be finished until after 23 August 2019, can I still enter it?

Unfortunately, all entries must reach practical completion between 1 September 2018 and the 23 August 2019. Any projects completed after the 24 August 2019 cut off can be judged immediately following the 2019 Awards Night and entered into the 2020 Awards for Excellence competition.

I need my job judged on a certain day, can this be arranged?

For judging scheduled throughout the year this is normally not an issue as long as our judges are available, unfortunately the final judging that is scheduled after the closure of entries is fixed and cannot be changed to accommodate individuals.

Can I enter the same project in different categories?

Of course, multiple categories can be entered per project but an entry fee is payable for each category entered.