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2019 Awards for excellence testimonials


I entered the A4E 2019 because I knew we had done some outstanding projects throughout the year and felt this was a perfect event to see if these jobs could get some recognition, and to our joy they did. I feel that a lot of our regional work is unseen, and felt it to be a great idea to show our work to our MP&DA group.I feel it is important for us industry painting professionals to involve ourselves in the A4E to be proud of the high quality work we achieve, and to share it with the group. It is also great to see the other entrants outstanding work as well. We can all learn and gain ideas from looking at all of the entrant’s fantastic work.

We had the best night at the Gala dinner. Living in regional WA we don't usually go to events like this. This was our first time. We were very surprised how fun the night was. It was so well set up. It was far from boring. The entertainment was amazing. The music, the drinks, the networking, the way it was set up was outstanding. We actually commented on how we felt like we were in the 'Logies'. We heard many other people say that too. The red carpet, the professional photographers and camera men, the big screen…. it was outstanding!! And yes we will be back next year for another fantastic night.

I feel that as we were a winner and a finalist that this is great marketing for our company. Potential clients can see that we are industry professionals who take pride in and who are recognised for our fantastic work. We are not in the game to be the cheapest, we are in the game and recognised for the highest quality of finishes. If clients are looking for a quality job, not the cheapest quote, then we are the ones to call. I feel that our awards verify this, and that some clients will go with us because of the awards we won.

A great night and great event all round. 

We enter the Master Painters and Decorators Australia Awards For Excellence as it shows to our clients that we are proud of the work we carry out and want to showcase it.  It also sends a positive message to our employees that we appreciate the time and effort they put into the work they carry out, it also makes them want to improve their standards and keep up with current trends.

We would encourage fellow industry professionals to get involved in the Awards For Excellence as you will find the whole process rewarding, from asking your client if you can enter their project, informing your employees, meeting with the judges attending the gala evening and even getting feedback from the judging panel which can help to improve your business.

Even though we might not win on the night, we take out of the gala evening the fact that we are proud to enter and all of the positive feedback from our peers. We market the fact we have been a finalist and a winner of Master Painters and Decorators Australia Awards for Excellence to our customers when quoting works, as this indicates to them that we are proud of our trade and will carry out works to a high standard. We also promote it on our social media and website so potential clients who are just browsing can see and it can draw their attention to ask for a quote.

2019 was the first time Delicate Painting entered the A4E and I didn’t expect to win at all, I just wanted to experience taking part of the A4E and to network with other industry professionals and enjoy the Gala which was by the way, organized very well. It showed me how much there is to develop and progress to achieve more. It's similar to when a kid receives candy and wants more.

The A4E is a great way to keep standards high and pushing for even more. I definitely encourage other painters to get involved. It gives you a positive kick and then you want more.

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